⭐️ October, 13th 👉 "Quai Metal Fest." at Quai M / La Roche sur Yon


⭐️ Proud to announce my collaboration with "Les Airs à Vif" Publishing (Carpenter Brut, Pony Pony Run Run, Sierra, Pølar Moon, Weekend Affair ...)


⭐️ My new video "Born Again" is online!

⭐️ My new video "Her" is online!

⭐️ December 2022 : "In Motion" is almost sold out!

⭐️ Sept. 23th 2022 : My new album "In Motion" is out now!


Harun Demiraslan is a French guitarist and composer from Les Sables d'Olonne born in 03/30/1980.

As an hyperactive and constantly evolving musician, he first made a name for himself as the founder and lead guitarist of the progressive death metal band Trepalium which he launched in 2001. With 6 albums released on various labels since 2004, he decided to expand his playing field in 2009 and set up Step In Fluid. A progressive instrumental super-group with which he will release 2 studio albums as well as a live video produced by himself. In constant research of new sounds, he even self-produced entirely an electro-ethnic Ep during the writing sessions for Step In Fluid's latest album. August 2021, he participates to United Guitars 3. A compilation of 34 guitarists including some big names such as Marc Lettieri (Snarky Puppy), Frank Gambale, Popa Chubby or George Lynch

      Continuing his momentum, he has just released his first solo album, "In Motion" on Klonosphere/Season Of Mist. Otherwise, Trepalium's 7th LP should normally be released in 2025.

On the stage, he has more than 500 concerts to his credit, including notable performances alongside the unmissable Gojira (The Way of All Flesh Tour - 2009 & l'Enfant Sauvage European Tour - 2012) but also major festivals such as Hellfest (2005/2006/2009/2012/2019) the Motocultor (2012) the Brutal Assault (2007) or the Bloodstock (2015) to name a few.

If his discography is mainly metal and progressive, his inspirations are multiple. Ranging from metal to jazz-fusion via swing, funk or even traditional music, he does’nt hesitate to use his various influences into his playing technique.


  • Morgan Berthet (Klone, Myrath, Kadinja, Stéphane Forté, Eths...)
  • Geoffrey "Shob" Neau (Eths, Roger Biwandu, Patrick Rondat, PapaGuyo/Sly & family Stone…)
  • Joseph Duplantier (Gojira)
  • Richard Daudé (Ron Thal...)
  • Christophe Godin (Mörglbl, Gnô, Wax'In...)
  • Jon Grandcamp (Biréli Lagrène, Hadrien Feraud, Fatoumata Diawara, M, Oumou Sangaré, Manu Dibango, Sinclair, Zaz, Ben L'oncle Soul, Guillaume Perret, Etienne MBappé, Carla Bruni...)
  • Olivier Kikteff (Les Doigts de l'Homme)
  • Yohann Kempst (Anita Farmine, Alpha Blondy, Enrique Iglesias...)
  • Regis Savigny (Anita Farmine, Charlélie Couture...)
  • Bruno Ramos (Jean-Philippe Fanfant, Gaël Cadoux/Electro Deluxe)
  • Stéphane Alaux (Roger Biwandu, Ron Thal, Shawn Lane, Mattias Eklundh, Michael Manring, Patrick Rondat, Andy Timmons)
  • Yann Ligner (Klone, Marc Ducret, Mistaken Element)
  • Luiss Roux (Hacride, Food 4 Worms)
  • Guillaume Bideau (Scarve, Mnemic, One-Way Mirror...)
  • Matthieu Metzger (Klone, Rhizottome, O.N.J, Marc Ducret, Louis Sclavis...)
  • Romain Bercé (Klone, Lulls, Bump, Jazz Combo Box...)
  • Pierre Chauveau (Hemeroplan)
  • Rémi Dumoulin (O.N.J, Magma...)
  • Sylvain Bardiau (Jacques Higelin, O.N.J, Marc Ducret)
  • Matthias Mahler (Marc Ducret)
  • Gérald Villain (Step In Fluid, Lhomé)
  • The Dali Thundering Concept
  • Amaury Sauvé (As We Draw...)
  • Sylvain Bouvier (Trepalium, Igorrr, New Assholes)
  • Florent Marcadet (Carpenter Brut, Step In Fluid, Klone, Hacride, 25ta Life)
  • Aldrick Guadagnino (Klone, Step in Fluid, Trepalium, Gojira, Blasphème)
  • Nicolas Amosse (Trepalium, Klone)
  • Ludovic Chauveau (Trepalium, New Assholes, Koudeta, Carlos Pasqua)
  • Stéphane Dupé (Varius Funkus)
  • Renato Di Folco (Trepalium, Les Tambours Du Bronx, Dropdead Chaos, Flayed)
  • Cédric Punda (Trepalium, Grim Reaper Ride, Food 4 Worms)
  • DJ Troubl' / UZ (Grems, Foreign Beggars)
  • AZ42